Interview at the Camelback Inn

David Busse explains NNN Lease for developers, investors, and how Bonsap LLC works to see all parties get the best financial outcomes.

Who Is AZ- David Busse

Our Development Process

Our team specializes in the process of build-to-suit, bringing expert finance, construction, and development experience together to create large-scale commercial or industrial projects, which are leased back to a tenant on a long-term basis.




Project Review

Because of our access to 100% funding through our NNN Lease Investors affiliate, NNN Lease Developers is able to reduce project risk and costs, so that tenants get the best possible value for their rent.


Our Team

We have a seasoned team of commercial real estate finance, development, and construction professionals working together to bring exceptional value to projects.


We Finance Developer and Contractor Projects

Our financing alternatives work for other developers and contractors too. We must be involved in the process early enough to help structure the lease, but having 100% financing of the project at rates competitive with debt is makes projects more profitable for builders, developers, and tenants.

Uncommon Expertise

NNN Lease Developers’ development and construction management skills blend with expertise in financial markets and deal structuring to deliver a cost-effective, build-to-suit solution.


Visionaries For Growth

Forward Thinking Solutions

Problem Solving

Financial Solutions


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